API Trading

API provides users with always-on, real time trading capabilities. The FinFx-Pro API technology is the perfect solution for professional traders looking to take advantage of a dynamic and integrated environment. API provided you all the tools that are required to securely link custom-made or third-party software to the FinFxPro platform. With our API technology, we help you get access to the best price feed from our Tier-I 16 liquidity providers via a FIX protocol

How API Helps Traders?

With the help of API, traders can link their trading application to FinFx-Pro’s server via an encrypted communication channel, giving access to real time data pricing and fastest execution. Traders also get access to historical market data, so that one can back test their strategies and use it in real time. We provide API libraries in .Net and Java programming language.


Who Uses API Forex Trading?

  • Traders requiring real– time, always– on forex trading abilities be it high frequency traders, brokerage houses, hedge funds or money managers

  • Customers creating user-interfaces and creating their own trading strategies and models using different languages

  • All expert advisors can work upon it

  • Latency Sensitive Traders

Key Benefits With FinFx-Pro’s API:

  • Our connectivity options minimize latency and enhance your trading experiences
  • Ability to obtain direct quotes from LP’s with no markup costs and modifications
  • Help you in building, back testing and optimizing your own trading strategy
  • Fast order execution
  • Ability to have full control without any need to have intermediary software
  • Application of MT4 expert advisors is also possible while using FIX/API trading

API Requirements:.


As an API trader, we completely understand your unique requirement, that’s why; our API technology not only ensures better efficiency but also increases transparency and provides leverage for accessing elbow room for new investments. Minimum deposit required for API is $50,000. Keeping the balance below
$50,000 is not allowed.

To know more and get started please email at support@finfxpro.com