Zulu Web Trader

Zulu Web Trader

FinFx-Pro in partnership with Zulu Trade offers its user friendly automated social trading platform that makes forex much simpler
and less time consuming. It is an ideal solution for investors who don’t have time to commit to build trading strategies
or for traders who are novice to forex trading.When a signal provider trades in to his account, the same trade gets copied
in to the follower’s account with lot size depending upon follower’s risk profile.


Common Features

  • Quick, secure and easy to use interface
  •  Get automated trade signals for various trading instruments
  •  Track the performance of more than 10,000 trading experts
  •  View live performance data and user reviews for every signal provider
  •  Build a portfolio with ease and follow the trading strategies
  •  Manage your risk with Zulu’s Margin Call-O-Meter
  •  Online browser access - no need for software download

Choose Your Signal Provider

Get access to real-time charts with advanced technical tools. Manage multiple accounts and execute all types of orders in our web version. Sort traders based on:

  •  Profitability in desired time frame
  •  Currency pair in which they trade
  •  Average holding period
  •  Time period for which signal has been running
  •  Drawdown

Protect Your Account

Zulu Trade also provides you with special feature of “ZuluGuard” by which you can protect your account in case of unexpected behavior from signal provider. Given below are the methods provided by Zulu Trade to guard your account:

  •  If capital drops below certain level
  •  If trades exceed the maximum set number of open positions
  •  If losses in one position exceed threshold level
  •  Once Zulu Guard becomes active it restricts further unwanted trading

Become A Signal Provider

One can also enhance its revenue potentials by becoming a signal provider on Zulu social trading network, if a trader believes he/she has good trading strategy. Key benefits as signal provider:

  •  An opportunity to present performance to more than 100K traders
  •  Get 0.5 pips for 1 lot traded in follower account
  •  As more traders connect, profit increases

Access Zulu Trade Web Platform HERE get your demo account credentials HERE and Live Account Credentials Here