Zulu Mobile Platform

FinFx-Pro Zulu Mobile Version Key Features

At FinFx-Pro Trading we know you want to be able to access your social trading account 24/7 – on the go! So we offer you the ultimate Zulu trade
mobile application that provides you a simple interface to manage your portfolio at your fingertips. The mobile application is quick to install and
equipped with full features which helps you to keep pace with the signal providers in real-time, wherever you are.



  •  Keep a track on your account's equity and profit
  •  Manually execute trades or edit your positions
  •  View historical performance of signal providers & choose the best
  •  Diversify & hedge your risk among various instruments
  •  Real time charts with inbuilt technical indicators

Managing Your Risk

  •  Configure the trade size of the signal provider that you want to follow
  •  Zulu trade's Margin Call-o-meter to manage your risk
  •  Protect your account against unwanted trading with Zulu Guard


  • Easy and secure interface
  •  Zulu Trade Rank helps you to choose the best signal provider
  •  No human emotions involved, everything is automated
  •  Supported by all major available OS- iPhone, Android & iPad