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Trading Hours


Forex market remains open for almost 24 hours each day, so it is important for investors
to know when the most trading activities take place and how those trading period can benefit the investors

In general, the specific currency remains most active whenever their respective countries markets remain open. For example, AUD currency would remain
most active during Sydney trading hours. Similar, EUR currency would remain most active during the European trading hours.

Below Is The Overview Of The Various Trading Sessions For The Major FX Markets:

Europe Session – 8 am through 5 PM GMT

US Session – 1 pm through 10 pm GMT

Asian Session – 11 pm through 10 am GMT

Time overlapping between various market sessions is considered as the most active trading sessions. Sometime forex markets can remain less liquid due to holiday in major markets. So it is important to know about the active trading hours and trading holidays in order to plan your trading accordingly.