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Currency Pairs


Get access to around 80 currency pairs from across the world, including MAJOR, MINOR & EXOTIC Pairs. FinFx-Pro offers professional online currency trading services to both its retail & corporate clients. We offer tight spreads on major currency pairs as well as a wide variety of exotic currency pairs, starting from 0.0 pips. Traders can select their own leverage starting from 1:1 to 1:400 with access to the deepest liquidity pool.


* Trading hours 21:05(Sunday)- 20:55(Friday) GMT, Except 21:00-21:05(Daily) GMT

* Maximum advisable allowed quantity-250 lots

* Volume limitation applies


Margin calculations for Forex

Margin will now be calculated as following:

Position size/Leverage* Currency Pair Currency Exchange Rate


For example if an account has 1:400 leverage and opens a 1 lot(100,000 positions) in USD, assuming EURUSD price being 1.0588 then the required margin is as following:
100,000/400*1.0588 = $264.72