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Trade Gold, Silver, US Crude Oil, UK Crude Oil, Copper and Natural Gas with FinFx-Pro at best of market spreads. FinFx-Pro offers the most competitive spreads on commodities & traders can select their own leverage starting from 1:1 to 1:400 with access to largest liquidity providers.

Trade Commodities With Pure ECN Spread

* Trading hours: 22:00(Sunday)- 20:55(Friday) GMT, Except 21:00-22:00 (Daily) GMT

* Maximum advisable allowed quantity-250 lots

* Volume limitation applies

Margin calculations for Commodities

Margin can be calculated as following:

Margin Used = Notional value/100 (considering 100x leverage in your account)

Notional value= Number of ounces * Current market price

For example if an account opens 1 lot (or 100 ounces) of Gold, assuming the current market price as $1300, then the required margin is as follows:
100* 1300/ 100= $1300