MAM/PAMM Account

Manage & execute multiple trades in multiple accounts from one single account interface FinFx-Pro MAM is an integrated tool that lets the master account to execute multiple trades on all sub-accounts operating under him. Place large orders in an unlimited number of accounts with latest speed. The servers located in Amsterdam facility ensure that our MAM solutions provide the fastest and consistent services to our fund managers. Our MAM solutions would enable you to serve your clients every need providing access to all the features including Pure ECN spreads, use of EAs, 24 hour support, daily reports and statements etc.

The FinFx-Pro Multi Account Manager offers convenience, increased automation and advanced functionalities. Developing an extensive client base by sharing your performance certainly requires a superior pricing environment with deep liquidity to handle all your flows. Get advantages of the deepest liquidity pool, established global relationships and tightest spreads with FinFx-Pro MAM account.

How It Works?

In a MAM account, a fund manager allocates a capital as his personal investment. He then provides details on his proposal for the investors, which includes the list of terms & conditions. The fund manager will be unable to withdraw his amount(additional impulsion for the fund manager to show caution in his trading)


The Proposal

The proposal contains the percentage shares the investor will pay to manage all profits and the losses will be divided between both the parties, based on the share in the account. It is not necessary for pamm account manager to trade his own funds.



An experienced trader namely, Roger creates a PAMM account with FinFx-Pro Trading. He makes an initial investment of $5000 in his account and officially becomes a PAMM account manager. Couple of months later, manager Roger establishes a track record of his performances and decides to accept clients.

Share of Manager & Investors

Manager creates a PAMM account, designs his proposal for investors & start trading. Investors choose a manager, according to ratings & invest their money in PAMM account.

After 40% increase in the value of shares, the profit has risen to $14,000

If manager earns profit & amount of funds increases on the PAMM account, the profit is distributed between manager & investor based on the amount of their initial investments.

After 20% Manager’s Commission

Investors pay the manager 20% of their profits as compensation. The size of the compensation is specified by the manager and depends on the amount of invested funds.

Manager Roger
Investor Peter
Investor Rob
Initial deposit $5,000 $2,000 $3,000
after 40% increase in shares
(without commission) $7,000 $2,800 $4,200
After commission 20%
(fund management) $7,400 $2,640 $3,960



  • Opportunity to use your experience & generate higher returns

  • Get your share dependent on positive results & volume generated

  • Attract large no. of investors & set minimum investment amount

  • A very Simple system with advanced mam and pamm tools


  • A good opportunity to earn without being professional & expert

  • Positive results define the manager remuneration being charged

  • Get to choose the best manager based on their performance

  • Full authority to withdraw funds anytime you want


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Get remuneration for introducing clients to us. We offer a complete and customized solution to meet all your needs and requirements.


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