Advanced PAMM/MAM Tools

We understand the problems faced by manager in managing multiple accounts at the same time that have different risk capabilities. To make sure that managers doesn’t hold back due to limitations in technology, FinFx-Pro has come up with the whole suite of trading tools that empower managers to actively manage individual sub-account. With FinFxPro, PAMM/MAM account holders will get access to tools ranging from trade allocation, order management, risk management, reporting to performance sharing tools

Reaserch and Performance


  •  Create your own dedicated blog page
  •  Publish your performance with us
  •  Share your research and market analysis
  •  Share trading tips with your follower
  •  Share Account performance statistics
  •  Further expand client base
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Automated Trading Tools


  •  Automate with EAs & Signals
  •  Prebuilt EAs & Custom solutions
  •  No restrictions on any trading strategies
  •  Check trading history
  •  Access to various accounts reports
  •  Detailed performance & reports

Remuneration Tools


  •  Flexible profit sharing structure
  •  Auto Profit sharing deduction
  •  Profit sharing on different parameters
  •  Automated Subscription & Management
  •  Monthly, annually or custom Payments
  •  Distribution by free margin


Risk Management Tools


  •  Adjust the risk multiplier of each
  •  Account based on the risk capabilities
  •  Capital Protection
  •  Restrict trading once equity drops
  •  Increase & decrease trade allocation
  •  Micro management of each sub-account
  •  Open & close positions individually
  •  Match investor”s risk & reward profile

Order Allocation Tools


  •  Place block orders from single login
  •  Utilize all types of trading orders
  •  Market, stops, limits & trailing stop
  •  Precise trade allocation to 5th decimal
  •  Precise trade allocation to 5th decimal
  •  Availability of partial close
  •  Easily link & unlink sub-account
  •  Real market conditions


    Trade Allocation Tools


    •  Real time trade distribution
    •  Manage unlimited accounts from 1 login
    •  Different Allocation Methods
    •  Distribution by Equity
    •  Distribution by balance
    •  Distribution by free margin
    •  Refer a Partner Commission
    •  Equal lot allocation

    Other than these, if you are looking for any additional functionality or tool not mentioned here, you can contact us at and we would be more than happy to customize your experience according to your needs in order to facilitate your efforts for better serving your clients.

    * Past performances of managers’ accounts are not guarantee of future performance
    * FinFx-Pro Trading provide the PAMM/MAM accounts services for managers & investors. The company itself is not involved in the management of the accounts
    * FinFx-Pro Trading doesn’t interfere with managers’ trading style & the company will not be held responsible for the trading decision made by manager


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