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FinFx-Pro Trading in partnership with Zulu trade offers its user-friendly automated social trading platform that makes Forex much simpler and less time consuming. It is an ideal solution for Investors who do not have time to commit to build trading strategies or for traders who are novice to Forex trading.
With Zulu Trade, subscribe from thousands of signal providers who have developed brilliant trading strategy. When a signal provider trades in his account, the same gets copied into the follower’s account with lot size depending upon follower’s risk profile.

Key Features!

  • Get automated trading signals for more than 60 currency pairs, commodities & indices
  • View & compare live performance data & user reviews for signal providers
  • Select from more than 10,000 trading experts
  • Build a portfolio with ease and follow their trading strategies
  • Stay in control with Zulu’s risk management tools
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          How it works?



      • Zulu trade acts as a bridge as it provides trading instructions from signal provider to FinPro. That way, your trade entries and exits are automatically replicated as from your signal provider’s account. Followers receive nearly the same profit or loss as the signal provider proportionately to your lot size. Risk can be managed prior to receiving signals from providers via risk management settings.

        Signal providers get only compensated for positive months. When their monthly P&L is negative, the signal provider isn’t compensated for that entire month. This means signal providers are highly incentivized to produce positive monthly returns rather than just “churning” accounts to create commission which is the case with some other copy trading platforms.

    Become a Signal Provider


     One can also enhance its revenue potentials by becoming signal provider on Zulu social trading network if trader believes he/she has good trading strategy. Key Benefits as signal provider:

    • An opportunity to present performance to more than 100K traders
    • Get 0.5 pips for 1 lot traded in follower’s account
    • As more traders connect, profit increases


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    Zulu Trade’s easing sorting features & live performance table has made it very simple to choose the right signal provider. Investors can quickly find the profitable signal providers with Zulu Advanced Sorting Feature. There’s also a large amount of information available to help you chose signal providers on the platform. This includes the strategy description, trading statistics, Zulu Trade’s internal ranking system, and finally the user feedback. From the trading history, the key elements to examine are:

    • Number of weeks signal has been running
    • Maximum Drawdown
    • Best vs. worse trade
    • Average trade time
    • Maximum open trades