FinFx-Pro Connect- MyFx Book

Choose and Follow among thousands of strategies available. Myfxbook is powerful automated trading network that allows you to copy the signals of other experienced traders from around the world. The best part of myfxbook is that only live account holders can be signal providers which have some good trading history, so followers can be assured that someone with his own account is providing signals. In addition to this, myfxbook allows traders to track, compare, analyze, and share trading activities and interact with traders in real-time

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Get access to a network of experienced signal providers with a proven track record

FinFx-Pro Connect-Zulu

An ideal solution for investors who do not have enough time to build trading strategies

FinFx-Pro Connect-MQL5

Get free access to one of the world’s biggest automated trading networks

Key Features!

  •  Follow trading signals developed and tested by experienced traders
  • Accurate and transparent statistics for trading signals
  • Only experienced traders with live trading account & profitable performance are accepted
  • Pay for only profitable trades to signal providers
  • No performance & management fees
  • Full control-remove or add signals at any time
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