Various type of Instruments

General Terms And Conditions

  • 1. FinFx-Pro reserves the right to hold, deny or withdraw from that client, the 30% Rescue Bonus if the client has abused or attempted to abuse a promotion or otherwise acted against the good faith.
  • 2. FinFx-Pro reserves the right to amend, terminate or change the Bonus at its sole discretion, and at any time without notice.
  • 3. FinFx-Pro can temporarily or permanently terminate the client’s access to the services and block that clients account.
  • 4. Any dispute not covered by these terms and conditions will be duly resolved by FinFx-Pro Management in a justified manner.
  • 5. The Bonus is available for only new client’s accounts, opened for the first time in FinFx-Pro and haven’t applied for initial deposit bonus.
  • 6. For getting the “30% Rescue Bonus”, you need to send appropriate bonus request to from the email specified during the registration of the trading account.
  • 7. FinFx-Pro has no responsibility (Direct or in-direct) for the consequences of cancellation (or no charge) bonus funds and encourages disregards bonus funds in the calculation of risk-management and / or trading strategies trader.
  • 8. FinFx-Pro hold the right to request additional trader’s identification documents as well as other personal data.
  • 9. Broker reserves the right to change the existing rules without prior notice.

Operating Terms And Conditions

  • 1. The 30% Rescue Bonus will be deposited on request into the relevant Trading Account.
  • 2. The 30% Rescue Bonus will be applied on Every deposit of USD50 or more for the relevant trading account.
  • 3. The 30% Rescue Bonus Program can only be applied to one account per client.
  • 4. The 30% Rescue Bonus cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.
  • 5. A client may not receive any notification of the margin call if his account starts losing the bonus amount before his actual equity falls below 70% of used margin.
  • 6. The maximum ” TOTAL RESCUE BONUS ” that can be claimed is 7,000 USD per client.
  • 7. 30% amount of Rescue Bonus will be withdrawn by FinFx-Pro when the client makes a withdrawal from their account. The bonus will only be withdrawn when client withdraws from initial deposit only.For example, if a client withdraws $100 from the initial deposit of $300, $30 will be deducted automatically from the 30% Rescue Bonus amount that had been awarded to client.
  • 8. Any bonus amount that has been removed cannot be reclaimed upon a client making subsequent deposits into the account. This means that any bonus claimed, lost or removed counts towards maximum Rescue bonus of 7000 USD.
  • 9. If the client withdraws all of their own funds from a trading account to which the 30% Rescue bonus has been applied, any remaining 30% Rescue Bonus amounts that have been credited to the account will be removed from their account.
  • 10. In the event that the maximum total bonus has been received and lost, no other 30% Bonus Account may be opened.
  • 11. In the case that the Client will perform any withdrawal out of a Trading Account that has the 30% Rescue Bonus attached to it, a corresponding Bonus removal will automatically take place.
  • 12. If there are open positions in the relevant Trading Account, and the equity in this account is lower than the Active Bonus, then the Bonus awarded will not be credited to the Trading Account until such time that there are no open positions in the Trading Account.
  • 13. Active bonus refers to the following: Total Bonus Awarded – (Lost Bonus + Bonus Removal) = Active Bonus.
  • Note:– This Bonus Program is intended to protect accounts from drawdown periods.