We accept Bitcoins for deposits and withdrawals

Bitcoin is a decentralised crypto currency that facilitates instant payments. This peer to peer digital payment technology
is like any other conventional fiat currency that can be used to buy things electronically. Due to its decentralized nature, this virtual currency is not owned by any single institution putting users at ease, meaning that a large bank cannot control their money. FinFx-Pro Trading allows its clients to use Bitcoins as mode of funding and withdrawal from their trading accounts.

Special Other Benefits

With bitcoin transfer, you get other special benefits like efficient tax management. With no regulations governing the usage, it is also considered as digital asset that allows you to efficiently manage your tax when you hold your money in bitcoins


Increased Leverage

When you fund your account with bitcoins, you can get an additional advantage to avail leverage up to 400x, ultimately reducing the margin requirements significantly. So, you can use high leverage to enhance your returns


Unique Bitcoin Wallet

With FinFx-Pro Trading, you get access to a unique bitcoin wallet that allows you to transfer funds directly to your trading account and withdraw from it as well. You can also use this wallet to transfer bitcoins to any bitcoin address in the world


Additional Bonus

Transfer through bitcoins is not only hassle free and convenient but it also gives you an additional advantage of getting 50% trade-able bonus in your account when you transfer funds via bitcoins to your trading account in FinFx-Pro


Instant Transfers

Making deposits and withdrawals via bitcoins is instant. You can deposit instantly through bitcoins directly to your trading account and withdraw the same without any inconvenience with help of your unique bitcoin wallet



With no cross border transaction restriction on bitcoin transfers, it has emerged as an independent network. You can transfer bitcoins from your bitcoin account to any bitcoin address from across the world, no matter where you are


Ensured Security

Bitcoin technology has a very strong track record of security with bitcoin network being world’s largest distributed computing project. To ensure sound security, users can also employ more security practices for their money protection


Zero Cost Transaction

Compared to other modes of payment, there is zero cost per transaction for using bitcoins as a means of transferring funds. Furthermore, if your bank charges you while converting fiat currency to bitcoins, we will reimburse the conversion fees


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How To Get Started:


  • Register with us HERE
  • When you log into your client portal, you will have your unique bitcoin wallet.
  • Add balance to your bitcoin wallet from your bitcoin account with any bitcoin exchange like Coinbase, Coinmama etc.
  • Transfer funds directly from your bitcoin wallet to your trading account.



  • Open up bitcoin account with a bitcoin exchange like Coinbase, Bitstamp etc.
  • Purchase bitcoins using your bitcoin account
  •  After adding bitcoins, you can directly transfer funds to our bitcoin address
  •  You can also transfer bitcoins using the QR code